An absolute hoot of a Hoot of a Commute – 5/11/2011

At the end of the Hoot of a Commute tonight

I’ve always loved playing with shadows.  Some of my favourites are the long ones which appear on a sunny day late in the evening.  They nearly always tell a story.

I remember my very favourite hangliding days were those hot summer days in the north east.  Packing up in a paddock somewhere after a long flight, checking out my shadows and that of my hanglider sitting at the edge of a field; the shadows stretching across nearly an acre.


Usually – when they occur – I’m having a good time.I guess that’s why I always take photos of them.


The one on the bike above signified the end of a bloody brilliant Hoot of a Commute today.  Into work and home again on my virtually new Giant Anthem thanks to Cycle Works Box Hill.  So good!    (70km and 3.75hrs on Yarra Trails – this link to the route home)

It was one of the most enjoyable rides I’ve had in a long while and the new bike performed at it’s best (nice job Todd).

November 2011 - The 5th Anthem frame in one of it's favourite places.


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