The Tree – 1/11/2011

You know those wonderful times you remember as a child?  Where you had so much fun you were jumping out of your skin and you wish you could get as much delight now from such seemingly simple things?

I remember a plum tree in my front yard in Mont Albert that I loved to climb… especially when it was full of fruit.  I actually still remember the tummy problems I had afterwards and my speedy need to get to the dunny.  There was also the big pine tree in the Speeds front yard up the road which was a favourite and the cubbies we built along the river in Porepunkah were the best – later to hide the odd bottle of Southern when we grew a little older (I think that’s pretty bogan isn’t it?).

Well The Tree in the Mornington foreshore park is one of those that Jack will remember when he’s 44.

We returned there today subsequent to the pleaadings from all three children.  Our earlier visits to T’Gallant Winery Pizza Cafe for lunch and to the Ashcome Maze for a play and a coffee afterwards paled into insignificance once we got to The Tree.

What a bloody brilliant family day we had today.  Just the five of us for a good drive, a good lunch and gorgeous garden with a maze and later….  a tree.  We really should do this stuff more often.  Life should not be so busy!

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