Good things come in small packages – 1/11/11

Last year on Cup Day we headed down to The Royal Hotel in Mornington for lunch with the Foggs (cousins). This is the crazy mob we took along…

Kate, Grace, Lucy, Georgia, Olivia and Jack at the Royal Hotel, Mornington

This year we’re heading down The Peninsula again and I’ve been racking my brain to think of the best things to do.  In consultation with mates who know the place well, I’ve come up with a few good options – all of which will be quite costly.

But when I put it to Jack as to what he wanted to do, all he wanted was to visit The Tree.   A lonesome tree in a park on the Mornington foreshore where they spent an hour and had the time of their lives.

So regardless of where else we go today – we will definitely be visiting The Tree… for another hour to remember for the rest of our lives.

It’s kind of like that box the brand new swing-set came in when they were two year olds.  Hours in the box, five minutes on the swing.

Good things truly do come in small packages.

2011 Cup Day news to follow!  No doubt it will include The Tree.


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