Oh my Gosssssh – 27/10/11

I reckon it's a while since he's had to do this himself

I did have quite a giggle this morning when Matty Goss started running around looking for a pump before his corporate ride with the team from Hilditch.  I encouraged him to be satisfied with 60 pounds in his tyres for these blokes but I don’t think he would have coped with the sponginess.

As Karin from KSJ Events said today, “Cycling is the new golf.

A day of entertainment put on by the boss for clients and business partners where expensive bikes replace the golf clubs and bitumen the fairways.  Throw in coffees at a trendy cafe in St. Kilda, 60ks of sunshine on the road supported by SRAMs neutral spares and a professional photographer; then finish off with showers, wine and lunch at a classy Mornington Peninsula restaurant – and there you have it!  Not a bad day.

But wait –

– there’s more.

A couple of pro-riding stars in Matt Goss and Bridie O’Donnel, as well as Giro stage winner Dave McKenzie were along for the ride.  Friendly and willing to talk about cycling and pass on their best advice.

Why on earth do I work for the government?

At least I get the chance to take part in such events thanks to my moto riding ability and some good friends.  I was on the SRAM bike with pro-photographer Rob Lindblade.  Having a chat and having a ball.

Rob at work