Bruce… big on maintenance – 21/10/2011

Pick the old ring - Pick the new one

Much like my previous experiences of The Claw’s maintenance policy; “Keep riding it until it’s totally ^&$%&$%!!!”

And he wondered why his chain was jumping off from time-to-time??


2 thoughts on “Bruce… big on maintenance – 21/10/2011

  1. Ah that’s classic claw, gees I wonder why the chain wanted to exit stage right when the tooth is broken right on the jump point of the chainwheel. Also I’m pretty sure that small chainy has never been used has it??? Nice!!!

  2. The good ring in the picture is the new one Duke, but you’re right – his small ring looked pretty new. One thing he forgot was new jockey wheels and I can tell you, when they’ve been used for so long with a chain twice as long as it should be.. they need replacing too!

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