Job done… satisfaction – 13/10/2011

Under Control - heading out of Ballarat en-route Geelong for Stage 2 - 143km

It was a great day today because I felt we did a really good job.  That may sound a bit lame, but it’s frustrating when you feel you don’t provide the best information for the riders – and very satisfying when you do.

Today, we had the system down pat with good frequent time gaps calculated and communicated to the riders continuously.  We were also able to give them the numbers of riders in the break whenever required.  Job done!

There was even a time mid-race – when the main peleton was the laughing bunch (sitting up, chatting and cruising) – where a number of riders were on for a chat with Joel and I about how the day was going.  I felt like saying, “Aren’t you guys supposed to be chewing on the bar tape?” but decided to make the most of the situation and maintained the banter.

This time was fairly short-lived however, and they were soon back to chasing down the two-man break who were eventually caught at about the ten kilometre mark where they were absorbed into the masses of the peleton… a pretty standard flatter stage.

I can’t wait for tomorrow though.  Some mad descents, sharp climbs and kilometres of Great Ocean Road.  Wow – how lucky am I?

Some people of the tour…

Mike Reid - Supplying communications to the tour since before I started - and he does a fantastic job - always good comms.

Chief Moto Commissaire Laurie Noonan and his rider Andrew Snelling - I spend lots of time riding very close to these guys.

Bruce with his camerawoman - bringing the tour to your loungeroom.

Ben Schofield - Driving Pete in Commissaire 2 car - usually sitting with the break.

Fossie and I getting our morning hit from Michael Ibrahim of SRAM and the Soul Kitchen Cafe. This is the most important part of the day.

Aaron and I ready to go at Sovereign Hill.

Me and a couple of spunky maids waiting for the start.


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