Hurt Box, Three Boulies… and then some – 11/10/2011

I had predicted the Hurt Box might hurt this morning.  I guess considering the name of the ride that’s no real challenge (my prediction that is).  Geez I speak some crap sometimes!  Maybe it’s got something to do with how tired I am tonight?  120 hard kilometres this morning following my last couple of days of riding is bound to have me talking gibberish.

After the normal HB breakfast this morning, four of us took off for some extra k’s starting with that ridiculously busy Gardiners Creek bike trail.  I swear it’s safer riding in the traffic rather than facing that many idiots coming into the city on pushbikes at that time of morning who insist on riding on the wrong side of the trail (i.e. head-on to us heading out of town). I had trouble slowing El and Auto down.  I knew they’d be turning off early leaving me and Mad Mike to finish off another 50 or so kilometres before our return home.  Sure enough, they smashed us around the Richmond and Kew Boulevards before disappearing off home to relax whilst me and Mad Mike hit Mt. Pleasant and Research-Warrandyte Roads before falling across the Warrandyte Bakery threshold pleading for muffins and coffee.


This was a fantastic day’s riding and I am now well-and-truly ready for bed, then four days off the pushbike and on the moto for the Herald Sun Tour.

Bring it on.


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