Back to it – 10/10/2011

Back to it for these guys (left and right)!  Luckily at the school drop-off this morning they had smiles on their faces despite being in the relative paradise of Noosaville only a bit over 24hrs ago.

The shock of returning home has been somewhat dampened for me by the fact that I have another week off for a bit more riding and then work on the Herald Sun Tour later this week.

Thanks to Cycle Works my Anthem was ready to go as soon as I returned from Noosa.  The last couple of days riding has certainly upped-the-anti for me from the cycling perspective with two days of good endurance and hill training in and around Smiths Gully –

Mick and I have ridden this route two days in a row and it’s no easy task.  Heaps of climbing (1500km within the 54km) and some technical single track and rocky climbs and descents.

The views from the Everard track over toward Bald Spur Road were at their best (right) and it was wonderful to see the progression of the bush a few years after the fires.  I last rode this track only six months or so after Black Saturday so the changes are significant.  It’s a gorgeous place to be in any conditions (maybe most).

I was very keen to get back on the mountain bike after the two weeks in Noosa so the goal for these days was to get on the dirt but still simulate some of the endurance and intensity which will be required for the Warny.  This certainly turned out to be a good ride for that, with a bit of fun single track thrown in for good measure.

Speaking of single track, it had the better of Mick within the first ten minutes of our ride as he fell victim to the temptation of not following the natural riding line through the puddles.  Sometimes it’s just not worth trying to keep clean and dry hey Mick?…

We were pleased to find some new single up the top of One Tree Hill.  Once it’s all ridden in it’s going to be a screamer of a track to extend the exisitng Mario’s switch-back track to the top.

It’s a good couple of extra k to traverse across to the NE much further than had previously existed.  Nice.    (Trail fairies?.. Mario?  Neil?  What’s it going to be called?)

Today we rolled into the finish just in time.  The rain was just starting to fall and the timing for school pick-up was perfect!  Pretty smashed and ready for a coffe and muffin (or a couple or three muffins I must admit).  It was a great couple of days riding by Mick.  He’s not as fit as me at the moment but he’ll take on anything I throw at him – pretty tough, although I bet if I said let’s do it again tomorrow he may think twice!

The Hurt Box tomorrow morning is really going to hurt.


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