All good things come to an end – 08/10/2011

Lucy, Kate, Tash, Bell, Jack, Keely

It’s arguably true that all good things come to an end…  but there is usually another good thing already underway or just around the corner.

In our case today, our fantastic Noosa holiday is over for another year but normal life continues (which is good). The 6am-ers will ride out to Toolangi in the morning (which is good), my twins go to their calisthenics competition tomorrow (which is good – for them at least!), we’re all home in our wonderful house in our wonderful city (which is good) and the Herald Sun Tour commences this week (which is good).

Life is good and we are lucky.

Jack and I heading off for our Ocean Jet-Skiing adventures

We packed a heap of stuff into our last day of holidays.  I had a last ride with the Noosa bunch with a slow 50k loop out to Lake McDonald.  Then Jack and I had an unbelievable experience out in Laguna Bay on the jet-ski; what an absolute hoot!  The girls had a hit of tennis, everyone got to the beach (above) and we finished off with fish and chips on the river and more Costa Noosa ice-cream.

Kate, Lucy, Keely, Bell - waiting for fish and chips

Kate and dad hanging out for fish and chips

Enjoying the final rays of sunshine

What an absolutely brilliant time we’ve had.  It never ceases to amaze me how quickly these holidays seem to go.  It seems like just yesterday that….. rah, rah, rah.

We are so lucky.

But today, here we are at Brisbane airport –

Delayed by storms

Thanks God for Kindles I say!

All planes were locked in (or out as the case may be) for a couple of hours due to this massive storm across Brisbane –

So this good thing has come to an end and it’s on to a whole lot of others.  “See ya later Noosa,” say the kids.  “Goodbye Islander – goodbye room – goodbye coffee shop where we get mum’s coffee every day – goodbye beach…”

But I say, “Hello Melbourne and wonderful life!”  – They’re not always so easily convinced for some reason.

We’ve been home for 7 hours and already we’ve had two visits to the local bike shop, two kids to the doctors (one serious ear infection), two music exam rehearsals with piano accompaniest, one visit to the supermarket and lots of unpacking.

Phew – bring on Noosa 2012.

Riding summary since last I summarised:

  • Tuesday – soft as butter.  Alarm went off and I rolled over and went to bed having nightmares of the Sunshine Loop (where everyone else was)
  • Wednesday – 100k beautiful road loop the same as last week.
  • Thursday – Early loop with the boys from 0525 at the BP – out to Black Mountain and back through Pomona to join the fast group – really smashed it hard and fast coming back with Ben and a couple of others – super sore later that day – 90k
  • Friday – 50k easy

Total for second week – 240k

Total for the whole time – 820k – doesn’t sound that much in two weeks but it was a good solid week of healthy training and heaps of fun


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