Bintang, Burgers, Boosts and… Bogans!?

Lucy (being Lucy) and Kate

By far, the hardest thing about holidays is the feeling I have when they finish.  And the hardest part about that is the separation anxiety I experience when forced away from my kids.  I always find that the concentration of time we spend together when on holidays makes it all the harder to get back to normal on return to the daily grind. I miss them tremendously; and a lot of that comes from the silliness expressed in the photo above… and below.

An overcast day today drove us into Hastings Street for a stroll.  Jack had seen a lot of people walking around wearing Bintang singlet the past week and had expressed some desire to get one.  I tried to emphasise the fact that there is nothing much more bogan than a Bintang singlet but my efforts were far from successful.  Jack therefore, felt that he needed to specifically express that boganism in some way…

… unfortunately it came far too naturally to him.  I mentioned I’d grab him a VB on return to our unit.

That's better!

You may be able to tell the kids are extremely relaxed – as are Karen and I. Having had two weeks of fantastic weather, beautiful places and plenty of good things to do, we are all in very tranquil and unperterbed states of mind.  Cool.

The three kids and I jumped off the bus today for an extended walk back to the unit along the river beaches and walkways.  The happy chatter and relaxed conversation had me in a very satisfied place.  As much as they fight like all healthy siblings do, the three of them chatted amongst themselves and reflected on our experiences of the last two weeks.  I also reflected on the fact that I am a lucky man to have three such children who absolutely appreciate how lucky they are.  They want and ask and plead and beg for all things perceived as good to them… but they absolutely appreciate that they are very privileged to have and do the things they do (although sometimes I wish they’d shutup!).

One such privilige was our Jet Ski adventure yesterday.  These things are seriously good fun and all of us had fixed smiles on our faces for the hour.  Apart from when Jack threw me off the back… three times!

Here's Jack - completely dry!

Actually – I still have a smile on my face anyway.  Luckily Bell did too.

All eagerly awaiting our next turn.

My daughter happily accompanied Stewart but wouldn't come anywhere on the back with me!!

Finished off with a Costa ice-cream (it's as good as the coffee!)

Jack has been dreaming about a visit to the Burger Bar ever since he and I visited there on our last Noosa day 2010.  I reckon he’s actually been dreaming about it.  Consequently, his burger was gone before I managed to get a shot of him with the whole thing in front of him…

House of the Rising Sun burger - gone in a flash!

Karen and I at the Burger Bar

  • New Bintang bogan singlets
  • Gourmet burgers from the Burger Bar
  • Boost Juices every couple of days
  • Second best ice-cream in the world (Bright is the best)
  • Jet-skis, beaches and pools
  • Unbelievable cycling for me

This place is seriously fun and I know my kids will remember these holidays forever. This is the stuff I hope they will look back on and appreciate what a wonderful time it was to be a kid.

Now, for me just to get through that first couple of weeks of Read Children Deprivation Syndrome.


2 thoughts on “Bintang, Burgers, Boosts and… Bogans!?

  1. Sounds and looks as if your having a spectacular time. Miss you all heaps and so does Emma.
    Love Mum/ Jan/ Grandma

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