Warny training taken to the next level – 29/09/2011

This is about the last thing I felt like doing after another hard 100km this morning but it was one of those suck it up and look like it doesn’t hurt moments!…

Karen (looking like she's pedalling), Kate (riding) and me (pedalling... agian.)

Me on the beach when the peddle boat was suggested.

I really did try to get (and look) excited when the kids suggested we hire a pedal-boat today.  I turned it into a positive by telling myself that it could only benefit my Warny training!

When you have such gorgeous creatures pleading with you to do something, how can you possibly resist?  And we had a ball of course as Jack followed us around in a kayak for an hour on the Noosa River.  It turned out a good subsitute for the beach plans we had developed in the event of a sunny day – which it wasn’t.

Lucy and Rich pedalling the Noosa River at about an 80 cadence

This and a coffee in Hastings Street today was the extent of our adventures given the overcast conditions with a midday shower.  Nothing like what we hear of the weather conditions back at home these past two days.  A months rain in two days in Melbourne we hear.  No issues with a shower in Noosaville!

Despite the beach being no option today, the conditions were perfect for cycling this morning with a big group getting out for the Thursday morning handlebar tape chewing contest on return from Boreen Point.  A small early group headed out from Tewantin at 0525hrs this morning for a big loop out through Black Mountain and Pomona.  We joined the main group for the return smashfest just near Boreen Point and commenced the 15km of fast unrelenting turns.  Not so hard as other years I remember but solid all the same.

It was Sunshine Beach for the essential Costa Noosa coffee where once again we took over the deck with carbon and ti.  I just love this holiday!

23 bikes on the deck - "46 strong coffees please"

"Another lap of Boreen Point anyone?"


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