Wednesday Long, Noosa style – 28/09/2011

Dave and I got a big smack (tongue-in-cheek…I think!?) from the Patron of the Peleton (PoP – Will) today for failing to acknowledge the group etiquette of the Wednesday Noosa long ride.  PoP had warned us to ease the pace coming back from Pomona to Cooroy this morning but he didn’t say anything about that lovely hot-mix Cooroy-Noosa Road.

Dave and I rolled off the front as we turned left to head away from Cooroy when, whilst cruising along at the back of the bunch, I soon I felt the hot-mix urge.  I leaned over to Fossie and whispered, “There’s no way I can do this road slow mate!”   Dave replied, “Well Rich, you know we should really just sit and relax for a bit...”  – you’re right, no he didn’t – he said, “Come on, what are you waiting for then?”

So off we went, later to cop the wrath of the PoP at the coffee-shop wherupon I promptly bent over so he could kick me up the arse.

This is The Bunch just prior to the big-hill back into Noosa… not sure where the other 10 riders are who are failing to respect the etiquettte….

Where are the recalcitrants?

But seriously, sorry Will.  We will try to behave in future.  No doubt the fresh legs of John Cain of Celtic Decor fame will teach us a lesson tomorrow when we join the Boreen Point ride where the only etiquette is to ensure you have nicely flavoured handle-bar tape to chew on as you get smashed to bits by a relentless bunch.

Here’s our group earlier in the day as we made our way out to Black Mountain and Pomona.  It was a fantastic loop of 75km lead by Will and a couple of others.  Some beautiful climbs and screaming descents added to the variety – and the views of the surrounding Sunshine Coast Hinterland reminded us Victorians why we come here.  It’s some of the best road riding I’ve ever done and I love it.

Our coffee stop this morning was in Noosaville where the parking is quite restricted…

Tow-away Zone

I don’t think it was actually a tow-away zone but you should have seen the scramble for bikes when the shop-owner started setting up her outside display racks!  Carbon and titanium flying all over the place.

After coffee, Will (not the PoP – another one from Melbourne) and I went out for another quick couple of laps of The Range to ensure we took our ride up to 3.5hrs and 110ks.  Another satisfying morning exploring the gorgeous Sunny Coast on a bike.  Unreal.

Fozzie's substantial backside doing it's best for Hampton (mine doing even better for Box Hill Cycle Works simply due to it's size)

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