“Time, please take your time” – 26/09/2011

It’s hard to believe we’re finally here.  A sunny planned holiday always seems to take so long to arrive so now that we’re finally in Noosaville, I encourage time to take as long as it likes.

Our 4a.m. start yesterday morning had us ready to board the 7a.m. Tiger flight to Brisbane which only presented one little hitch.  About 20 minutes after scheduled departure time – whilst still stationary – we were informed by the captain that we were waiting for some essential safety gear to arrive.  She was very sorry.  I reckon they actually knew the plane was scheduled to depart at 7 that morning so why didn’t they get the safety gear there last night… or earlier that morning.   That seems to be the simple solution or, alternatively, make the departure time 7.15a.m???  Maybe it makes sense to Tiger to plan that way.  I was happier to have the safety equipment on board than I would have been to take off without it in the circumstances.  I’m just a bit miffed as to why they bothered to tell us.

Maybe it was the alltitude!

A nice flight and transition to our hire car (bar Jack’s craziness – right) gave us plenty of time to cruise slowly up the Sunshine Coast.  We stopped off in Moolooaba for a quick snack at the SLSC (which was grouse), grabbed a coffee and checked out the beach before getting on our way again.  Oh yeah – and I had to stop at Bunnings much to the kids disgust, due to my allan-keys being confiscated going through security at the airport.  I’m not sure how I was going to hijack a plane with allan-keys but there you go… 40 bucks down the drain for not reading the boarding instructions correctly.

The first thing I spotted walking through the door at The Islander in Gympie Street was my bike sitting there in a box ready to be put back together.  Phew!  Then before long we were sitting by the pool in magnificent sunshine.

Time… take your time.

Kate, Karen and Lucy strolling the beach at Mooloolaba

Sitting by the pool at The Islander with the Smiths

Today we went down to the Herdes place at Noosa Sound and spent the day on the beach by the Noosa River. All of us have had too much sun, too much fun and too much food.  Now it’s only 8 o’clock and we’re all ready for bed.

Smith, Herde and Read kids at Noosa Sound

Tomorrow I’ll hit the road on the push bike at 6a.m. with the Noosa/Vic Bunch.  So named (by me) due to the quantity of Victorians who join the bunch during the Melbourne School holidays.  As I’ve mentioned many times before, it is necessary for me to train harder for the Noosa/Vic Bunch than I do for any race!

I’m so excited I’m nearly jumping out of my skin (I know that’s supposed to be my kids but I just can’t help it).

Time, please take your time.

More photos of our grouse holiday in my photostream here.


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