Angles Ankle – 24/09/2011

Having heard a bit about some new sections of trails out at Hans’s Loop, I was keen to get out there and see what they’re like.  Also, the fact that I’d be on the road bike (IN NOOSA!!!!) for the next two weeks, meant I was keen to get one last session on the mountain bike before departure.

I met Gus and Angles at Ivanhoe and we headed up-river, skipping sections of trail along the way in order to get out for more of Hans.

Once there, Mad Mike met us with his new pride and joy.  We managed one and a half laps before Angle’s ankle incident…


Craig (Angles) wiped out on a soft corner and couldn’t make the corner before hitting a tree.  When he hit, his foot didn’t immediately release and I think that’s what ended up causing the damage.  We limped him up to the Templestowe shops to wait for Cath within a caffeine culture.

James of JBSERT (James Bike Shop Elite Racing Team) must be wondering what’s going on!  First, his three man Southern Exposure team was threatened by the two handed demise of Dave Baker.  Then I stuffed up my days and was told that a callisthenics concert was much more important than a 12hr MTB race.  Now Angles ankle!  It’s not you James… really.

Han’s loop and other bloody fantastic Yarray Trails – geared MTB – 3 hours.


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