Gus; not the Autobus – 22/09/2011

Gus and I got along to the NRR this morning to swap bikes back after he’d leant me his Trek for NRR Long yesterday. On arrival at the bunch we considered swapping but Gus decided he’d give it a go on the SS with a 52/16 gear… just to see what it was like.

It should be noted that according to Sheldon Brown’s on-line gear calculator – at 50kph Gus’s cadence would have been 121.   (Sheldon’s calc doesn’t go any higher)

So when we took off down the highway with a stiff tail-wind I started to feel sorry for Gus straight away.  Our speed soon ramped up to over 50 and would frequently have been 60 , even in excess of this at times (cadence = 130-140).

I know from my own experience in these conditions, how much I desire the right turn at Mordy in order to face the block head-wind going back the other way.  Fancy that… “please get me into that block head-wind ASAP”.  Not something a cyclist usually desires.

I really didn’t expect Gus to have held onto the bunch going down but sure enough, there he was at the end, having endured the very fast surges of the NRR on a fast Thursday.

I was pretty impressed… as was Gus (above).

For the record:  NRR once again was a smooth safe ride.  What’ the big deal?


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