NRR Long; freaky things happen – 21/09/2011

A good 6am-er turnout for this morning’s NRR Long with Gus, 2Laps, El, Duke, Brendan (guest) and me getting along.  The Claw also went short on the normal ride.

Once again the ride was well attended with about 50 riders heading down for the whole loop and – like last week – plenty of experience leading the bunch.

Good responsible riding  lead to a smooth and solid work-out all the way around.  Just one incident of note on the way back.

Harry from Cycling-Inform had one very freaky accident!  A piece of 4mm guage wire ended up in his front wheel causing this…

The wire snapped the front skewer, the wheel popped out, the forks hit the bitumen – as did Harry – and the bike went off into a parked car along with the wheel (separately).

“Freaky”.. as my children would say.  Harry was a bit dazed but after sucking on a magical green stick and visiting the hospital – he’s come out of it virtually unscathed.  Amazing.

Ironically, I had felt and heard this wire pass under my own bike and a couple of others just seconds before Harry copped it.  It could have been any one of us.  Nothing could have prevented this ridiculous accident and thank God Harry is okay.

Here's what it did to the skewer

Of note once again to those nay-sayers…  this ride is solid, safe (apart from freaky accidents that can happen anywhere), responsible and positive.

A good illustration of legendary Melbourne riding culture… and the mateship and support provided to Harry was also a good example of this.

(Harry and Cycling-Inform have passed on their thanks to the 6am-ers)


2 thoughts on “NRR Long; freaky things happen – 21/09/2011

  1. A big thanks to the group for stopping. NRR Long is the only group ride I regularly do. I reckon its Melbourne best training ride. It’s a perfect mid-week ride. From a power point of view it beats the Hell out of the Hell ride. (For the record I avoid the Hell ride) I can get bigger numbers soloing on a Saturday or swapping off with 2 or 3.

    I digress, it was good to be looked after by the group this morning.


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