Another project – 19/09/2011

The breaking of my single speed road bike a couple of weeks ago has forced another project upon me.  The additional complication of the early delivery of my Lynskey to Noosa for the annual smashfest next week forced it upon me even sooner.

Had I not built a bike up last night, I would have missed the 6am-er Hurt Box this morning and the thought of that was not acceptable.

So down came the circa 2000 Giant alloy frame out of the garage roof.

I’ve ended up with a solid single speed road bike which, as I now know after the hurt box, displays all the normal characteristics of an alloy frame… solid, but bloody harsh – especially when I’m using a very old shagged out saddle and handlebar tape as thick as paper (additional little projects for next week).

It went like a dream though and is solid as a rock and stiff as they come.

I had to use an old derailer to act as a chain tensioner.  The dropouts in this frame are fixed with no possibility of adjustment for chain tension.  It doesn’t look anywhere near as good as the big ring/little ring look but works a treat.  I had tremendous trouble initially trying to get a steel Surley cog to work with the derailer – it doesn’t.  After stuffing around a lot and grabbing a new front chain-ring from Cycle Works (thinking the old one was worn), I eventually solved the problem by throwing on an old 16 tooth ring from a full cassette.  Problem solved.  I have no idea why the Surley doesn’t work but this solution caused no slippage at all.

The test ride today was against many elements; rain, near hail, massive cross winds, strong head winds, fast and strong 6am-ers – and this bike didn’t miss a beat.

After coffee this morning Gus and I swapped bikes so that I have a geared option for the NRR Long tomorrow morning (thanks Gus).  The ride home on that was a pleasure and my first try with a Campag groupo.  Lovely ride.

  • 70km – SS road bike – Hurt Box
  • 33km – geared Campag road bike – commute home
  • 103km total road

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