Here we go again – 16/09/2011

I often used to look down at these chain-stays and wonder how long they would put up with me?  The answer revealed.

I’ve spoken to the boys at Raceworx and hopefully they’ll look after me.

Yet another glorious early morning MTB ride interupted by a fatal mechanical.  At least I’ve had a pretty good week:

  • Sunday – geared MTB Smiths Gully – 3hrs
  • Monday – SS MTB Yarra Trails – 2.5hrs
  • Tuesday – Road Hurt-Box then home – 100km – 3hrs
  • Wednesday – Road NRR Long – 120km – 3.5hrs
  • Thursday – Road NRR Normal – 70km – 2hrs
  • Friday – SS MTB Yarra Trails until interupted by above – 1.5hrs
  • Total hrs – 15.5

Time for a weekend off riding moto on the Amy Gillet ride with a camera on the back.  Not a bad deal when the weather is going to be super-good.


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