6am NRR Normal; What’s the big deal? – 15/09/2011

Today’s 0600 NRR normal ride was an absolute pleasure.  Hard, fast and safe riding all the way from North Road through to Mordy then St. Kilda.  All good from my perspective.

So what’s the big deal? 

I don’t get the reason for the negative banter I have read over recent weeks across Twitter and other cycling forums; and it concerns me that such negative sentiment is going to harm the reputation of Melbourne cycling, diminishing a culture which for so many years has been strong and positive.

Despite a few young blokes doing the occasional 5 year old zig-zag (which is to be expected to some extent), the riding today was excellent.  For most of the route, a smooth stream of strong riders lead the bunch most of the way around.  There was no motor-pacing, and the more experienced riders in the bunch seemed to demand certain levels of respect most of the time.

Is it a matter of the mess being further back in the bunch?  Is that where the negative experiences come into it?  If so, then those back there may need to consider getting fitter before joining a bunch of the Tues/Thurs standard.

My experiences of today and yesterday have shown me no reason for the negativity.  In my view, we should be talking it up and encouraging positive behaviour.  Then what I see already, will continue.

Melbourne cycling and Melbourne cycling culture is a feast.

I reckon there is no big deal.


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