The Richo Project – done and dusted – 11/09/2011

The Richo project is just about there...

Some bar tape and a trim down of the fork steerer tube will have the BPR-SR1 (Steve Richardson 1) racing bike ready to go.  I’m glad I decided to bring the project into the living room on Friday night with a view to possibly getting it finished in time for Steve to ride it in the Genovese King Lake ride today (Sunday).

Finished and ready to go Saturday arvo

A quick test ride to fine tune with the boys

And then conditions such as this for Steve to ride in on Sunday!

The BPR was well-and-truly christened today as Steve rode it through 120km of rain, wind and hail.   It was a shocking morning but when you’re entered in such a ride – you go (unlike me who rolled out the door at 0540 and then rolled back in at 0600 to jump back into bed!).

Nice work Steve (and Paul) for making it through the Genovese on a day like today.

Steve – please ensure you clean and lube your bike.


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