Father’s Day – 04/09/2011

I know it’s old news but for posterity sake I feel I need to record something about my wonderful Father’s Day last weekend.  I had such a fantastic day and it’s fast becoming one of my favourite days of the year – something I never would have expected.

There’s definitely a lot to be said for taking advantage of the time I have with the kids at these tender years and I know they won’t last forever.

My kids prepared to say this?.. won't last!

Here’s one good example!  One of my 10 year old girls may not completely think I’m perfect but at least she’s still prepared to tell me she thinks I am.  I have this very strong feeling she will not be prepared to do so when she’s 16.

The thing I’ve enjoyed so much about my last two Father’s Days is that we’ve spent the day together simply as a family of five.  No big family lunches or dinners, just a relaxing morning in the PJs and afternoon tea at the Cuckoo.  A bit daggy I know, but the ‘nongs and the Cuckoo will always remind me of my grandparents – and that thought, along with time with my own family, will always be very prescious to me.

Cuckoo Restaurant for afternoon tea


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