20 minutes this morning – 3 hours this arvo – 11/09/2011

I no longer call it soft.

Getting up on a morning such as it was today to go for a five hour bike ride in freezing cold conditions, rain, hail and blustering wind would be seen by many as madness.

As I rolled my road bike south along Middleborough Road at 5.45am this morning I developed a strong sense of agreeance with these people.  By Canterbury Road, as I ploughed through heavy drizzle, cold and wind I thought, “What on earth am I doing here?”  By Fulton Road, I had stopped to check the radar for the second time.  By Burwood Highway, I turned around and went home… never to see the few 6am-ers who would shortly ride east along the highway to hell, heading for the hills through sheer dedication and determination.

Phew – 20 minutes.  That was a work-out!  But geez I enjoyed crawling back into bed.  And as I lay there over the next 2 and a half hours listening to the sometimes heavy rain on the tin roof, I pondered upon the good sense of my decision.

So I got out with Borris (Mick Ritchie) and Mr. C (Craig Moore) for nearly three hours of wonderfully smooth single track in Smiths Gully this arvo.  I know what I’d rather be doing!

Top of Big Hill – Sunshine, not rain – Sensible, not soft.

I’m not totally sure what happened on the 6am-er ride this morning yet but little bits and pieces of info keep flowing my way.  I know Duke had a flat in pouring rain and freezing cold and I know Bruce “The Claw” Tallon texted me saying he had had one of his “most miserable days on a bike ever”.  I await the ride reports with anticipation – and will ponder upon the good sense of my decision!


3 thoughts on “20 minutes this morning – 3 hours this arvo – 11/09/2011

  1. Soft here too. Ended up heading out about 11 for a great roll through the Nongs. Got dumped on at one point. Had to dodge some hail, but the glorious breaks of sunshine more than made up for it. Plus the fam came and met me for lunch up at Pie in the Sky for some world famous….well…pies! 95k under the belt plus some good climbs……mojo is slowly returning

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