Yarra Trails – 02/09/2011

JBSECT Kit - not that it's the best picture

Fourth day in a row early out of bed, so at 9.38pm on Friday night?… I’m rather tired.

I met the JBSECT (James Bike Shop Elite Cycling Team) on top of a hill near the pipe bridge (Fairfield) at 6.25am and screamed through a few good loops of Yarra Trails before work.  I had thought I knew pretty much all the trails by now but the JBSECT showed me a couple I had never ridden and a couple that I usually do in the opposite direction.  Great way to start the day.

(JBSECT = 6am-ers Angels and Gus and their mates, James, Gareth and Dave)

I was in touch with Gus through the day and we arranged to do pretty much the same thing on the way home.  We managed to get an hour and a half of so in before my ridiculously big body for a cyclist managed to wreck one more bike.

At least we tried!

Gus and I performed our best fix in an effort to get me home but you’re right, it didn’t work.

We were at Studly Park Boathouse at this stage and I rang Karen to come and pick me me up but you’re right, it didn’t work.

So, once again, I entertained myself on the banks of the Yarra until a cab came to pick me up and I struggled through the peak-hour Friday night traffic in a mad taxi rather than cruising the single track on my bike.  Fun.  At least later tonight Richo dropped around with some of his recent purchases.  It was like a big Wiggle/Ribble Christmas.

Hopefully this weekend sometime we’ll put a big hole in The Richo Project.


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