Another big week – 01/08/2011

Sunday – 6am-ers on the “secret trails” – 4 hours MTB

Monday – extended Hoot of a Commute home on the SS – 2.5 hours MTB

Tuesday – 6am-ers on the Hurt Box – great ride on SS road bike but cracked it just at the end!  65k – SS road bike.

Wednesday – North Road Long – This ride has had a recent significant growth in numbers and over the last two weeks has been completed at a cracking pace.  I remember when doing it regularly a couple of years ago, we had about 10 riders who all knew each other, and we usually got back to St. Kilda about 9.  Now, there are 60 who mostly know each other and we get back about 8.30am!  Geared road bike – 110+k.

Thursday – Half a Hoot of a Commute home with Pete to show him the trails and introduce him to the fun.  2 hrs – SS MTB.




Friday – plan to join Gus and Angles for a couple of hours on the MTB first thing in the morning – hopefully I’ll get out of bed!

Saturday – 6am-ers replacement for this Sunday due to Fathers’ Day.

Sunday – I’m going to see if I can wangle a couple of hours on the MTB later in the day (it is Father’s Day after all) because I’m then going on Grade 4 school camp with my rascal girls for three days of a different kind of fun.


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