The power of the Hurt Box takes it toll – 30/08/2011

It was the equipment that copped the biggest hiding this morning.  Two 6am-ers finished the ride today with critical failures of their bikes.

Horny's Ultegra pedal

Diesel's Williams frame

I know the Williams looks pretty shabby.  That raw metal is my failure to paint the frame after a previous Gripsport repair to the chain-stays (albeit rust-proofed).  This incident has caused me to ponder my frame history:

  • Apollo Vitesse – first road bike purchased back in ~1993 – heavy steel tubing – chainstay near bottom bracket clean broke
  • 2 x Alloy fork steerer tubes – 1 inch threaded – both broke in the thread – one riding slowly in QLD – the other descending Tawonga Gap – the bike felt like it was getting sloppy in the steering – I stopped, put some pressure on the steerer and it snapped (feeling lucky!)
  • Giant Anthem – alloy dually – I’m on my fourth front triangle (and I have a bad feeling about the current one!) – Giant have been brilliant in replacing them every time I’ve had a problem; so not complaining
  • BPR – carbon road frame – seat post sleeve – replacement frame now subject of The Richo Project
  • Williams SS – the bike above – broke the chain stays clean through
  • On One – steel hard-tail mountain bike – squished it!
  • There must be more – someone will remind me no doubt!

Shit… that looks like a bad record when I set it out like that.  Something about weighing in at over 100kg and often around 105.  Must do something about that.

Apart from the broken stuff, fantastic HB this morning boys.  Nice strong smooth turns nearly all the way.  Love this ride.

Great riding, great fellowship, great start to the day.


2 thoughts on “The power of the Hurt Box takes it toll – 30/08/2011

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