The Richo Project – 28/08/2011

Time to start a new project.  I haven’t built a bike for a while and am suffering from a bit of withdrawal.

Having finally received my replacement BPR frame, I’m going to built it up for my mate Steve Richo; The Richo Project.

So far:

  • Head-set in
  • Forks on
  • Front derailer nipped up
  • Seat-clamp sitting on the top

As soon as the rest of the gear arrives, we’re into it.  Steve has chosen the grey Ultegra group with matching Ultegra wheels.  Will look a treat.


2 thoughts on “The Richo Project – 28/08/2011

  1. Love your work and your passion Readini!! Well tonight the stem, handlebars, chain and cassette arrived. Yipee! Feelin like a kid in a lolly shop.
    Can’t quite believe the size of the 28 tooth sprocket. Think I’ll be able to get up Pigeon Bank. – maybe??

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