I say again… best ever? – 28/08/2011

Straight into the climbing - then the first regroup point

We hit the trails just after sunrise this morning and the views over the Yarra Valley were to die for.  Six 6am-ers and two guests were lured by the secret trails of   ########   for a few hours of technical challenges.

Attendees:  Diesel, Gus, Borris, Mad Mike, Angles, Horny, Big Mak and Luke Hanley.

And challenges aplenty there were.  I felt slightly sorry for Horny considering the level of skill required on these trails.  I fell guilty of something my wife accuses me of often; encouraging and ensuring the kids that, “they’ll be right – peice o’ piss.” – when really, it’s just a tiny bit beyond them.  Horny was out for one of his very first mountain bike excursions and it was just a little bit hard.  Sorry mate – sincerely.

The climbing was plentiful and the technical nature of very steep climbing trails tests the skills to the limit.  This photo (right) was taken on one of the very short, very rare sections of 4WD track.  Nearly the total distance covered today was on single track and there’s not a lot of time to relax.

Everyone admitted to stacking at least once (most of us at least twice), except for the Big Mak.  He and his bit Niner 29er managed to keep the rubber side down for the entire ride using sensible caution – something clearly not possessed by us all.

Luke was the unfortunate one to have been snapped though…

This tree caught him up so well that he wasn’t able to get out before I managed to get the camera out and therefore prevent his denial.  In one of Gus’s little offs he managed to dislodge a 200kg rock and cause a mini landslide.  That one was observed by about four of us; therefore preventing his denial.

I however, was only observed to have crashed once in front of Mad Mike so the other two offs did not occur… despite the blood flowing into the good old 6am-er socks after serious pedal assault.

Despite these occurances, everyone managed to get through safely and before we even got into the really fast, really fun stuff, Angles still had a massive smile on his face…

The more oft-ridden trails of the lower loop, which came in the last half of our ride, had even Horny riding in his pedals for more than a few hundred metres.  I firmly believe there is nothing nicer than this as close to Melbourne at the moment and these trails contain as much fun as can be had on a mountain bike.  There was lots of yelping and hollering in many sections and there was no doubt it was due to really genuine fun.  It’s really… really good.

After nearly four hours of riding we headed off to Cogs for coffee in Mt. Evelyn where I sat at one point contemplating the fact that Karen had told me she’d backed out of our drive-way earlier and smashed our car into another.  As I turned to the guys and said, “Geeez, lucky none of you guys left your cars at my place”… I slowly realised that Horny had.  Shit!  As my words came out I could see his mind working.

A quick call to Katie at home to ascertain the colour of the car Karen had hit confirmed our worst suspicions – it was red – it was Horny’s.

So, a wonderful day on the trails for everyone; a stack-free day for one; great friendship and fellowship for all; an overly challenging day for one; great coffee and muffins; plenty of smiles; heaps of fun and a couple of crunched up cars for two.  Grouse!

Sorry Horny, and – oh yeah… sorry Horny.

(See Angles perspective here)


3 thoughts on “I say again… best ever? – 28/08/2011

  1. Great read Readie.
    Readie Quote “Horny park out the front of my place, she’ll be right”
    Forgot that wifes don’t look behind when reversing.

  2. The highlight for me was that first big loop we did, climbing up a long way, before some great descending on that flowy/twisty track. Then the ti tree descent was something else! I was a bit cross eyed towards the end, so may not have fully appreciated the last section. It’s been a while since I’ve ridden for 4 hrs!

    Great job by the trailbuilder, that is some seriously impressive work.

    • I’m with you there Luke. That section through the trees down to the bottom was absolutely magical. Angles “Wooo Hooos” are still ringing in my ears. I’m pretty keen to get out there again ASAP.

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