Hidden surprises – 26/08/2011

One of my faves - Guess the road (answer below)

At least there’s some benefit in staying home with sick children for the day;  I get some nice time with the kids and I get an unexpected ride on a magnificent sunny arvo.

A two and a half hour session in the northern regions on some of my favourite roads with Pigeon Bank Road out and back.  Love it!  Hate it!…  you know what I mean.

As a bonus, and in the vane of the traditional 6am-er hammer from Kangaroo Ground to Warrandyte

… I found another HAMMER road.  It will remain firmy entrenched in my head as the twist to be revealed in the next round of the Rhonda van Readie, always a dynamic route.

So 6am-ers, when the Rhonda comes up again, just remember:

  • bring your favourite flavoured bar tape
  • don’t bring your stupid good carbon wheels
  • wear good tyres
  • expect a twist (the new HAMMER road), and
  • expect some dirt.

It’s a fair dinkum ripper…  not so much playing to my strengths, as the first rider to the finish line on this run will almost certainly be a good climber.

2.5hrs on the road bike – about 80k.  Oh… and the answer re my photo above – Menzies Road, Kangaroo Ground (I want to live there!)(which also happens to be the location of the banner photo).


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