Ouch – 23/08/2011

I was kind of happy this morning when it appeared the 6am-er Hurt Box was going to be a little light on, the efforts of Sunday’s ride still fresh in everybody’s legs.  I have three children home sick from school today – yes, THREE.  And they are seriously suffering.  Their coughing kept me up much of the night so the effort to get out of bed this morning was slightly offset by the fact that I was driving into work first to meet The Claw (Bruce Tallon) on the bike on the Clarendon Street Bridge.

We met the 6am North Road bunch (NRR) and absolutely flew down to our 6am-er meeting point at Rowans Road.  I was later informed by Fozzy (Dave Foster) that he joined at Southland and found the NRR a crazy bunch this morning.  Maybe egged on by the additional numbers of fair-weather riders which this lovely day had encouraged.  So it was good to join the smooth strong turns of the 6m-er train along the same route, getting us back to Beaconsfield Parade in the glorious sunshine of a wonderful Melbourne morning.

Gorgeous roll along Beacy Parade after the Hurt-Box

A quick coffee for me and I was off to Ridewiser for a session of Crowies leg-buster… another reason I was happy for a Hurt Box cruise!  Ridewiser reminded me why their program did me so much good leading into my last Warny.  Fruit tingles it’s hard!

A session at Crowies (Ridewiser)

I’m definitely going to be up for it again and it’s a great session to follow an already hard workout with the 6am-ers.

One thing though, I’m pretty surprised I can actually type and make sense at 1930hrs this evening!


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