Couldn’t believe my luck – 04/08/2011

I couldn’t believe my luck when, at 1:30p.m. on Monday arvo – on a gorgeous Sydney day – we were released from class early.

Hmmm?…  I could go to my room and work on my 3k word assignment which is due at 8.30a.m. in the morning, or – I could take the opportunity for one last road bike ride through this spectacular city.

Guess which one I picked!?  West Head here we come…

West Head looking to Lion Head Island

I really did appreciate the oppotunity to get another ride in through Terry Hills, Akuna Bay, West Head, Church Point then down through the northern beaches back to North Head.  Unreal.  Well over 350ks in three days (plus all the mountain biking) is going to have me flying in a couple of weeks.  I’m looking forward to getting back to test myself against the 6am-ers.

I still managed to get the assignment in on time and am now very satisfied, sitting here on Wednesday night, that my work here is done.  Karen is up tomorrow for the formal dinner tomorrow night and then a couple of days in Sydney before going home.  Can’t wait.

I couldn’t let one last opportunity go past tonight though; to ride the dam again – this time with Phil.  Out and back with two laps in between had us screaming for dinner when we rolled into the dining room at about 7.30.  Surprise! There it was, sitting there waiting for us to consume with wine, cheese and shiploads of ice-cream to follow.  Thanks chef!

Darling – please can we get this organised for my return?!?

A great night of riding with a dry ride on a warm night followed by a great night of fellowship with fellow students.  Sometimes these things come as surprises – tonight was a gem.

Thanks guys…


One thought on “Couldn’t believe my luck – 04/08/2011

  1. Good to see you have your priorities right Diesel.
    Must be a relief to get this out of the way, we are all looking forward to having you back for our 6am-ers rides as we have no-one to bag for being slow with both you & Horny being way. 😛

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