At risk of repeating myself – 31/07/2011

Yes… at risk of repeating myself, the riding opportunities here are awesome!  I went straight out to the end of West Head today in the brilliant sunshine.  This was the reward at the end…

From West Head looking across to Palm Beach

West Head Road

 … but the road out there was half the fun.  To all those 6am-ers reading, Horny would be having hot-cakes!!  It’s about 13k of brand-new hot-mix with wide clean shoulders, not a bump in the road and hardly any cars.  It’s similar to my favourite run (Kangaroo Ground-Warrandyte Road) and if I lived up here it would definitely be one of my favourites here in both directions – especially in a group of 8+ strong cyclists… it would be an absolute hoot.

I had absolutely no intention of doing Akuna Bay on the way back, infact my intention was NOT to do Akuna Bay – but yet again, the draw was far too strong.  I actually passed the turn-off and then changed my mind and went back!  I did the loop anti-clockwise making the climb out about an 8-9% climb in spots.  It’s a good one.  I then smashed the descent down into Church Point…

 … seriously beautiful cruising, and then worked my way back along the coast taking in all the beaches and coastal roads.  This is a shot from North Narabeen, looking south towards Manly in the distance…

From North Narabeen – looking past Collaroy to North Head

I explored Manly and North Head a little on my return and came across this foursome enjoying a glorious day.  This has to be the ultimate Sydney picnic?…

North Head – looking across to South Head, Harbour and Sydney

Another gorgeous day in paradise.  Now to hit the books.  The ‘adaptive leadership challenge’ (which I’ve learnt so much about over the last two weeks) is to lead myself to study rather than ride.  Apparently it requires a significant shift in behaviour, attitudes and beliefs.

Not sure it’s possible.


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