Determination Extraordinaire – 30/07/2011


Adjective: Having or showing tenacity and grim persistence: e.g. “Success required dogged determination.”
Phil and Joe
I made up my own version of this definition today too…  
Adjective: Keeping going no matter what, when you’re power to weight ratio isn’t quite the same as everyone else and your main engine is your mind and it…  just… won’t… stop: e.g. “Pie in the sky and back required dogged determination.”

I just met Joe this morning where he showed the grit true cyclists are made of.  No matter what your fitness or strength, you can always go just that little bit harder.  And that…   is what makes you stronger.  When I rode with my son Jack up Mt. Buffalo two weeks ago today (see here), I reminded him often, to put in that tiny bit more effort to take him just out of the comfort zone.  With no previous intention, he made it to the top.  As if I wasn’t proud!

That kind of determination will no doubt get Joe ‘Around-the-Bay’ in October if it continues such as it was displayed this morning.

I headed out with the Forrest Riders today where we ventured to the Pie in the Sky up north along the Old Pacific Highway.  It was a gorgeous morning (albeit a little cold) which turned into a gorgeous Sydney day.  

We headed out through St. Ives, Turramurra and down into Bobbin Head before a nice climb back up to the Pacific Highway where we headed north through Berowra and Cowan.

I was glad to be with local guides and to discover yet more incredible Sydney country-side to ride in.  The ‘good ride’ opportunities here are never ending – so contrary to my views on my arrival two weeks ago.  

The views down to Berowra Waters were completely obscure but magnificent all the same.  And the fog took some time to clear, providing magnificent scenes as we headed into Cowan.


The return trip had us pondering how long it should take to fix a puncture as well as how many people are required to do so.  The exact time it should take is arguable, depending on the circumstances, but one thing I can say with absolute certainty, is that the number of people assisting have a direct increasing exponential effect on the total time…

Mike, Joe, Phil – Hmmm… too many? (Set up by Mike!)
A great ride guys.  Thanks for the invite and it was a pleasure to join you.

I left the group at Forest Way and headed north to get in some extras.  At that stage I had no intention of doing Akuna Bay but the draw was just too strong!  I went down through Illawong and Akuna – clockwise this time – and discovered that it’s probably the local opinion that this is the easy way.  Not quite as steep a climb to get out in this direction.

Out through Church Point and did the Clarevile loop, once again in the opposite direction to normal, before heading up to Palm Beach, Whale Head and home to Manley direct.  ‘Direct’ because I was smashed!

Phil will probably ring me to ask if I want to come and ride Manly Dam this arvo with him, Gavin and the kids.  I’ll probably send him a sycophantic response such as, “No mate… you know I’d love to but I really need to get stuck into the books for this course.”

Really, it’s just that I’m completely smashed!

150+ ks (I think) on the road bike in beautiful Sydney.  Back to a chef cooked pasta lunch the moment I walk in the door.  Nobody complaining that I’m back after 11.  Nana-nap in the afternoon.  A bit of study and a few beers around tea-time.

“Darling… can we please make these arrangements for when I get home?!?”

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