Making the most of time – 26/07/2011

North Head Wall – Manly

I took a rest day from riding yesterday but headed out for a short run in the afternoon.  I was lucky to get these shots of the wall just with the sun setting at the right time.  Best quality of these photos is at Flickr – I was so rapt with my IXUS; amazing little camera.

Standing on top of the wall – looking east.

The small cape near Shelly Beach – Manly

This morning I got out for a short walk to catch the sun coming up over Sydney and South Head –

And tonight I still managed to get out for 2 hours on the single speed around Manly Dam again.  It’s a great hit-out with 2 laps of the course and the return trip.  Did most of it in the daylight this time and the dry weather, although the trails are still a bit wet.  Lovely though.

Believe it or not I am actually working very hard up here too!  I’m very happy tonight, having finished a major assignment to the full-draft stage two days before it’s due.  Hopefully not much amendment required.

As expected, I knew I’d still have enough time to get in plenty of exercise considering the time I am not spending running around with children.  I’m starting to miss them an incredible amount now but am enjoying talking to them on Skype at least once a day.  Three weeks without them and Karen is killing me.

But I’m definitely making the most of my time up here in every way I can.


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