Can I live here? – 24/07/2011

Maybe this,

Yeah… but how much?!?

…is because of this,

… this,

Near Palm Beach – Northern Beaches – Sydney

… or even this,

Church Point – Sydney

 And please?… can I live here? –

Barrenjoey Road, Pittwater

I managed to get out for pretty much yesterday’s route again today except I threw a few more ks in by going out via Akuna Bay.  Yet more amazement at the beauty of this area.

Akuna Bay road is through the national park within my red lines above.

I’ve done what I think is about 120k but I really have no idea.  What I do know is that I’m now smashed.  Today’s ride was a lot faster and I pushed a lot harder, not having to stop to orient myself all the time.

I desperately whoofed down the chef’s lunch before I even got changed and will now settle down to an evening of study – woo hoo!

If I can stay awake, I will sit and enjoy watching Cadel bask in his glory tonight as he sips on the champagne through the early kilometres of tonight’s stage.  What a show!  And what a way to win it.

I’m sure I smashed out a couple of hills a lot harder today with some Cadel inspiration!


One thought on “Can I live here? – 24/07/2011

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