A magical day – 13/07/2011


……I spotted him munching on popcorn, slurping on a choc top and guzzling Fanta in Albury cinema No.1 on the opening day of Harry Potter 7.

Our review Monday night of the first part of the last part of HP had us well prepared and we weren’t disappointed.  It was a brilliant movie.  JKR is a genius.

The day finished in another magical way as I spent 2 and a half hours screaming through the pitch black bush with a couple of mates on a cold, crisp, clear winter’s night.  The words of Queen post came floating back to me again (sorry!)….

A kind of magic,
One dream, one soul, one prize,
One goal, one golden glance of what should be,
It’s a kind of magic, 
      (Queen, A kind of magic, 1986)

Parts of tonight were like riding on an ice rink and trying to stay within a 500mm wide single track barrier.  Nobby Nics are fair dinkum magic!

Here’s Brendon, Scotty and the moon – another kind of magic!
(Tonight’s route: Punkah single track, Canyon… um… track – past the bottom of Huggins and across to the pines – in, out and every-which way through the Mystic Pines – love riding with Brendon – he has my orientation twisted into absolute knots – up the top end of the 6 hr – up to the top of the bottom of the Mystic DH track – down that – reverse lap of the 6 hr course – offered a beer by Scotty – brewery was closed! – home to Punkah with Brendon via the Richo’s)


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