Sheer delight – 12/07/2011

It’s not often I see that look of sheer delight on the faces of my children – but when I do, it’s just so satisfying.

It’s amazing how happy it makes me feel and it drives me to do things that bring it on again… so I made sure I splashed Katie through the next puddle as well!

We headed out to the Rotary Pines out the back of Bright this arvo with all the Read and Richo kids.  Steve and I are already comitteed – according to the kids – to going back there every day until we go home.

They all enjoyed it so much that I started to worry about the state of Karen’s mind when it was looking like four of us coming home regularly covered in mud – rather than just me.

Jack, Kate, Georgia, Lucy, Richo

The above photo was the scene of Georgia Richo’s 10th crash of the day… you can see she’s not too distressed.  She revelled in every one of them and I can assure you none were due to lack of skill; just level of determination!  Everyone rushed to lend a helping hand so a harden-up message and a group shot were in order.  Here’s her first crash…

Always smiling!

Someone has been building some pretty cool log runs, barrel cross-overs and narrow boardwalks in the Rotary Pines.  Check these links to see Steve’s first hilarious attempt followed by his subsequent succesful one.  Very funny – but determined, just like his daughter.

Cheeky smile!

In order to avoid the wrath of Karen when I arrived home covered in mud with three children also covered in mud, I dropped them off, threw their bikes in the shed, yelled – “get inside to mum”, and promptly took off on the Anthem in the dark.

I spent a hard 2.5hrs riding the absolutely beautiful single track of Bright and surrounds, dangerously tuned into Queens Greatest Hits.  I say dangerous for two reasons:

One – It makes me ride crazy and temps me to keep to the beat no matter what the circumstances.  Hence, taking a slightly wrong turn on the Morses track and ending up down some really cool stairs but facing a 10″ drop into the fast flowing creek…

Love the Elixir 5s – good stoppers!

Two – It sends me into a bit of weirdness and causes me to write stuff like this absolutey out-there post of a few months ago

Bloody hell… Queen puts me in the right zone though!  What a hoot of a day.  I wish holidays would go forever (even though I really love my job).

Now with 30 ks left to go in this stage of Le Tour, I’m off to concentrate.

(Tonight’s route:  Porepunkah single, bike track to railway bridge, Canyon… um… track, Morses and 6hr route to top, through the gates, up past the Diggings, Growling Creek Road, Hillsborough Track and down the single to Williams Road, back along the 6hr route, Morses into Bright, Canyon… um… track, bike track to Porepunkah single, home for hot shower – did my own washing!)


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