Caught the Hoot of a Commute home last night to finish off another busy week.  Spent the morning packing and the day driving in order to arrive at Porepunkah for about 5 p.m.

Very happy to be here, as are the kids and Karen.  Looking forward to a relaxing week in the north east before heading up to Sydney for three weeks.

Jack mentioned today that he wants to ride “every day”.   Good boy! 


2 thoughts on “09/07/2011

  1. I have just read this and see you're heading to Sydney after your week off – good luck with the essays etc – I am sure you'll do well 🙂

    I am back from my O/S trip – lovin the cold weather here after 47 degree + temps in Morocco and routinely late 30's ear;y 40's in southern and central Spain. Wooo Whooo – 1 more week of leave and then back to the grind ….

    Speak soon


  2. Welcome home good friend. I know you've had a ball according to your blog and FB entries. I'm sure you'll be ready to get back into it on your return to work. Yep – Sydney… not happy and will miss the kids for THREE BLOODY weeks!! Taking two bikes with me!

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