Best ever?… maybe – 02/07/2011

After my trail experience of yesterday, I think I’ve decided the new secret trails out east are the best I’ve ever ridden.  A lot of things contributed to the ambience of yesterday – but it truly was a magnificent mountain biking experience.  At times it was quite surreal hammering through perfectly groomed and tacky trail with the sun shining through the trees and the confidence brimming.  I was glad I had bothered to get out of bed.

The return of the man-flu had me close to cancelling on Friday night but the temptation was too overwhelming.  Our forward planning was a little too good and we ended up sitting in the car chatting and waiting for the sun to come up on our arrival…

These trails are straight into thick bush so the light is essential.  Once on our way we were straight into the very technical climbing section which winds through numerous gullys and up a couple of steep spurs.

Tim was so beside himself he was falling off his bike with laughter at the challenge at times!  

Me and my evil laugh as I heard the other two struggling up a climb behind me!
For some reason Tim thought I should be in this photo??

 We all nailed the half tree pipe with a difficult right-hander at the bottom.


This is me waiting for Tim and Mick (left) – 

– this is me waiting for Tim and Mick… again (right).

************ is an absolutely fantastic place to ride.  And one of the best things about it at the moment is that hardly anyone else rides there.  The trails are just the right amount of ‘ridden‘ without the ruts and muddiness of the over-ridden Yarra trails.

The longer it stays this way the better so my policy is that I’m never going to tell anyone where it is, but those who wish to join me – I’m happy to show. 

We did the complete two loops that exist in this area and are built by Lobes (with Ernie Dingo’s maddock apparently!).  The ride took as 3.5 hrs with an easy pace and quite a few stops for war stories.  A great hit-out.  Geared bike almost essential.  All mountain bike handy!


5 thoughts on “Best ever?… maybe – 02/07/2011

  1. Aha! I rode this on Saturday morning in the company of 'MTB greatness' and have been riding it in my head ever since. I am trying to work out when I can sneak out there for another hit out. Btw, I see you missed the almighty climb to the summit. Nice one.

  2. Ahhh this Blog is awesome and a fustrating all at the same time! It gets me so amped for riding yet i'm in front of the computer reading about it. Went out to the trails on wednesday in perfect conditions- rode top loop backwards which is also awesome- climb is still killer with plenty of moisture in the ground. Ate shit heaps of times riding 29ner hardtail, a rocket on the climb but very unforgiving on wet rocks and logs!!- Matt G

  3. Ha – good to hear you've gone on the HT as well mate. I'm dieing to do it in that direction – worth it? I suggested it to Mick on the weekend but he was determined to go same way as last time. Next time I'll give it a shot.

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