I felt the call of the mud today so I headed out to the new clandestine trails out east with Mick and Matt.  The temptation of a new loop on the high side of the forest had peaked my interest.  It was a day where everything was slippery; mud, rocks, leaves, trees, roots.  If you weren’t balanced, you were on your butt quick smart – playing in the mud. 

Despite the slipperiness, we had – as my British boss would put it- a syupurb time!  This area is absolutely gorgeous and the loop around the mountain took in all the best parts of the environment.  Ferny gullys with steep winding switchbacks, steep climbs, crazy descents, rocky ledges, and fast flowing single-track.  It’s unreal.

Having said that, this sign would not have gone astray…

This trail is very technical; some of the more technical trails I’ve ever ridden but super enjoyable nonetheless.  In the slippery conditions there was much time out of the pedals steadying the ship and a fair share of time on my muddy arse (it didn’t help that I had absolutely no MTB Zone hapenning at all!).

But there was plenty to enjoy – and I can’t wait to get out to do this loop when the trails are dry.  It’s all perfectly rideable in the dry and the two hour loop will be a fantastic hit-out of very hard training in the summer.  When combined with the other loops in the area, a four hour ride containing a bit of everything is easily achievable.  It’s fair dinkum ace (thanks Phil)!

Matt taking on a slippery little sucker


I didn’t get out with the 6am-ers this morning due to a very important retirement function at work at 6am this morning.

Wayne (Wilbur) retired after 40 years in the job and 37 at the Media Unit.  A few of us couldn’t bear the thought of him walking out at 7am on a Sunday morning after his last night shift so we joined him for morning tea and this photo.


A small group of 6am-ers had a great ride this morning, cruising through the Classic de Nongs, whilst many other 6am-ers headed to Lang Lang to race the hilly course. 

Brenton‘s Crash

I was devastated to hear news today of a serious accident in the peleton of the Tour of Tawoomba.  Young gun and friend of mine Brenton Jones was injured badly.  He was air-lifted to Brisbane Hospital and is currently in a coma.  So sad to hear and my thoughts are with Brenton and his very special and very cycling-centric family.  I really hope he pulls through okay.


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