Brain mush – 17/06/2011

Sometimes all you need is a blast on a bike to blow out the mush in your brain from a really bad week. Sometimes – at the same time – you struggle to motivate yourself onto the bike in order to do so. 

What a week it’s been (Herald Sun, pp 1-7, 38-39; The Age, pp 1-3).  All I needed tonight was a blast but oh how hard it was to get there!  Rather than curl up in a little ball under my desk, I dragged on the gear and hit the city on the Lynskey.  The cold night air refreshed and awoke me immediately, especially with the combination of compact pedestrians and peak-hour traffic through town.

When I got out to the Kew junction I felt a bit light and realised I had forgotten my back-pack with all my reading and study notes required for the weekend.  Sigh… back to the office I went.  This time through heavy city traffic, pouring rain and frivolous Friday night frolickers.

The rain put an end to the hour of inner city riding.  I bowed to the pressure of the mush and jumped in a warm car for the drive home… hoping for a slightly better week next week.

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