Motivation from the north east – 14/06/2011

Of all the bike riders in Melbourne, I ran into Cal Britten on my roll through the city heading home tonight.  My Tour of Bright Race Crew jersey and my large frame may have been the clues which caused him to pick me out of the crowd.

So a few cruisy K’s with Cal and the subsequent thoughts of sweet Bright single track put me straight into the zone when I hit the dirt. 

I saw lines I’d never seen before, rode them faster than Neil and nailed stuff I hardly ever nail ( * ).  Grouse. 

Two and a half hours of the Hoot of a Commute on the SS.

( * ) You know that bit? – heading out – past the playground near the footbridge – Abbotsford – through the wooden Parks Vic gate – around the sharp right-hander and up the stairs to a short pinch of a climb.  Nailed the lot on the SS – cool.


3 thoughts on “Motivation from the north east – 14/06/2011

  1. Yes I know that bit and that's awesome you can ride it now! I have trouble walking it – last time I was up there I slipped and almost fell backwards down the hill!

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