King Lake in the Mist – 12-06-2011

King Lake on a foggy morning

This photo is fast becoming one of my favourites.  It’s one of those shots where you spot the scene, pull the camera out and shoot… magnificent.  It was a beautiful day out that way this morning despite the cold and my grumpiness.

Massive work-loads, ongoing man-flu, busy life, crap performance day on the bike – they all come together to make me a bit like the above (albeit I was grumpy about legitimate reasons this morning!).

But it was a gorgeous ride nonetheless and the company of the 6am-ers was fine as per usual.  The fog lifted very briefly and it was lovely to ride above the clouds for a while.
I have given much thought to the few kilos I’m overweight at the moment but those thoughts diminished when we passed Barry from Britian and his girlfriend Anna (from Russia)….
They were off on the first day of their two week trek to Sydney and appeared to be carrying 100k each!  Happy as could be, they trundled along in their 22/30 gear, eventually cruising over the top and off into the fog.  Maybe I could make that my cure!
Anyway, someone has to compete with Trent.
See you.  Love – 


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