I’m so lucky – 12/06/2011

I was kinda going for the Hawks but I had a dollar on the Cats and I can’t really afford a dollar at the moment.  Due to mum and dad being footy nuffies, the three kids barack for three different teams… go figure.  Lucy’s my Hawks supporter and the main initiator for us getting to the footy last night (with papa, another Hawks supporter). We’ll go more often – it was good fun.

Jack’s been getting plenty of riding in with his first climb up the 1:20 (Mtn Highway) last weekend and a ride into the city yesterday afternoon.

Tomorrow we’re going to atttempt two climbs in the hills. 1:20 again and as much of Perrins Creek as we can muster.  That’s if I survive my plans for a big MTB ride in the morning after suffering through a shocking performance with the 6am-ers this morning.

The girls have been busy performing for us on their instruments and their calisthenics is going great guns (I can’t believe I’m even saying that!!!).

Also caught up with brother Timbo last week for a cruise of some secret trails out in the Yarra Valley with Matt, Mick and Brad.  Very good trails.  I’m going to try and get back there next weekend.

We finished the way every good mountain bike ride should finish…

Maybe this has something to do with my little problem mentioned in my last post!?!


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