Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me – 07/06/2011

In 1979 when I was twelve, my dad died in February and I had left school by September because I was bullied.

My membership of a boys choir throughout the remainder of my teenage years ensured the receipt of similar ongoing behaviour from my peers (mum – what were you thinking!?).

So when the 6am-er Hurt Box crew let loose on me a couple of weeks ago because I had installed mud-guards on my bike, it wasn’t really going to have much of an impact on me.  As the group rolled through I was treated with creative comments from my mates who were thinking up new lines every rotation.

“Hey Diesel, you going to bring your daisy basket next week?”   (The Duke)

“How can you ruin a good road bike with silly lookin’ things like that.”    (Foggy)

“Where’s your flag and spoke clickers Readie?”   (Some other smart arse)

Duke had put out the challenge (see here) so I thought I should do what I could not to disappoint. Hence, my accessory for this morning…

The basket compliments of my neice and the daisy flower compliments of my lovely daughter Lucy.

Note the accompanying bell.  I was looking forward to dinging through every rotation as I passed The Duke and Foggy but it broke as I dinged my welcome to Duke when he joined the group earlier.  Bugger it!

So my pink bike now has the mud-guards set for winter.  It reflects like a spotlight and the basket and half a bell have made it through one Hurt Box (now removed).

As much as I was brave enough to weather the storm from my mates through one ride – and have a good laugh along with it – I did feel quite insecure as I rode down Flinders Street like this at 7.45a.m. this morning on my own!   

El Manetes brought this along for the ride today…

He gave us 40 seconds head-start from Southland but failed to catch us.  I empathised with how he felt as he turned onto Beach Road at Mordy to hit the brick wall of a block head-wind.  It’s not a wonder. 

This is a lovely bike (albeit Cannondale) with the typical paint job and 650B wheels which make his big ring look like a 60 tooth.  Good luck next time El.

You gotta give us this…
… we love our bikes!

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