Music to my ears – 29/05/2011

It’s not often I go more than seven days without riding but today is my eighth and I’m getting very restless!

Amongst man-flu, music competitions, netball, basketball, essay writing and work the riding has quite unusually had to take second fiddle.

My gorgeous girl Kate was delighted to win her duet section at the Clasax competition yesterday.  Kate and Jessica played a piece that required very precice teamwork and I reckon that’s what caused them to succeed.

Well done girls!

Jack and Josh didn’t have any luck in the duets but Jack got a Highly Comended prize in his Sax solo section up against some very skilled musicians.  Yes you read it correctly…. Jack got beaten by his little sister!  Ssssshhhhhhhhhhh.

Well done son!  Your solo piece was fantastic and I absolutely loved it with the piano accompaniment.

Jack and I did fit in a ride on his new road bike though (his bike completely purchased with sax busking money).  We rode from home into the city all via the bike track.  It’s about 33k altogether.  Jack rode strong all the way and showed many signs of his ability to come.

Here he is smashing it up a short sharp one near the boat sheds.  He really looks a natural.  As much as I hate to admit it, I don’t think it will be long before he’s killin’ me.

So here’s the proof of some really hard work musically for my kids.  Very proud.

2 thoughts on “Music to my ears – 29/05/2011

  1. As proud as I'll be to see one of your offspring stronger than you on the bike….I'm not looking forward to the hurt that will be dished out when he comes on a 6amer ride in a few years

    congrats to the kids on their music success!

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