Another “BE CAREFUL” Lesson

Today’s Sunday 6am-er ride contained another lesson in how diligent we must be to take care on the roads.

It’s never a good thing to have a 6am-er carted off in the back of an ambulance.  Luckily this is the first time I remember it hapenning.

Horny’s okay now but he spent a few hours in the Austin hospital having his face stitched up and his body checked for broken bones.  The end result is not too bad considering the way he managed it…. but he’s lucky.

Bender’s crash back in January was a bit of a shock and a lucky result as well.  Bloody hell guys!…. let’s be careful.

Our Slide Ride today started out as normal with a good deal of fun and some good solid riding in the strong northerly out through Wonga Park, Chirnside Park and Yarra Glen.

We topped King Lake ten minutes ahead of our last best time and made it to Smiths Gully for muffin and coffee in time for a ten thirty finish (little did we know).

A last minute decision to miss the Eltham traffic took us down Mt. Pleasant Road with the intention of enjoying one of my very favourite roads.  About one k down was where it all turned pear-shaped…

The scene – Sharp steep left-hander – taken wide and into the stone wall
No LOC and thumbs up from Horny once securely in the ambulance

One not-so-healthy Cinelli carbon frame

Smiths Gully – half hour before…

Let’s work on keeping the rubber side down and these smiles on our faces!


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