Steel is real – 17/05/2011

I’ve heard Dom refer to his old steed as the ‘Two Tonnes of Fun’ many times.  I never realised it actually weighs two tonnes!  We all took turns to feel the weight after coffee this morning and were amazed at how heavy it really is.  I think it might be made of solid steel.

Here tis…

It prompted me to get a shot of all the steel on show for the Tuesday morning Hurt Box

Dom’s Two Tonnes of Fun, Shawies absolute classic Moser and Diesel’s Pink Single.
(Photographic artwork by Big Horn)

13 riders turned out for the HB this morning and it’s fantastic to see how we roll these days compared to when we first started this ride.  Smooth as silk… mostly.

I started to feel good today even considering the ride this morning so I gave in to the temptation to take the Hoot of a Commute home.  I’ve had my Anthem sitting at work ready to go with two brand-new Nobby Nicks on it for a week.  The trails were in perfect tacky condition and I nailed some stuff I haven’t nailed in weeks.


65k moderate road (SS).
1.5hr moderate MTB (geared).


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