Daisy baskets, spoke clickers, orange flags and mud-guards – 15/05/2011

Hate the Man-Flu!

The fact the weather has been so bad this last week has provided some small concelation for the horrible riding week I’ve had.  Being sick is not so hard to handle when you know you probably wouldn’t have got out much anyway.

However, I couldn’t resist the 6am-ers plans today for the Pav-Macca Loop. The gorgeous roads of the Pav (Lysterfield, Beaconsfield, Emerald) followed by some fast turns around Macclesfield was too much to pass up.  Not that I was ever going to make it!

I headed out on the Lynskey with some new accessories fitted…

Yes, old fashioned mud guards… or the new moderrn version of old fashioned mud guards.  Is that possible? 

And did I cop some crap from all my big tough mates?!

“Hey Diesel, you going to bring your daisy basket next week?”   (The Duke)

“How can you ruin a good road bike with silly lookin’ things like that.”    (Foggy)

“Where’s your flag and spoke clickers Readie?”   (Some other smart arse)

Well here you go boys…

– after a pretty wet ride, nice clean front mech (above) and clean saddle, stays and brakes (below).

And if anyone had managed to sit on my wheel today in the wet I could have taken a photo of their nice clean face – because there was no crud flying.  (They’re great for following riders)

These things are really good and I’m going to get another set for my PINK single speed.  Imagine the shit you can give me then!

Along with eleven 6am-ers, it was great to have a couple of guests along for the Sunday ride.  Tom Leaper joined us again after a good win yesterday and Mick Day came along for the ride and annointed the Pav-Macca Loop a three donut ride.  Not bad!… apparently.

As for me… I was so weak and insipid that I stayed left at Emerald (whilst all else went to Macclesfield) and rode a lonely slow ride home pushing about 100 watts.  I was glad I got out but there was no way I was ever going to be able to manage the normal thrust and parry of a 6am-er Sunday ride today. 

I’m currently curled up on the couch in my jamas cuddling my mud guards and thinking about my nice pink bike.
Bring it on!

3 thoughts on “Daisy baskets, spoke clickers, orange flags and mud-guards – 15/05/2011

  1. Mate how to loose years of built up street cred in one simple accessory. Hope you had your footy socks pulled up to your knees so you could stay warm too.

  2. Welcome to the club of staying dry and warm. I have been rocking em for years and swear by them over winter. Just bought some cruds like yours and they rock! In the words of mr t ….. Pity the fools!

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