My poor pup – 9/05/2011

Jack and Emma

My gorgeous Emma has come down with Idiopathic Vestibular Syndrome.  Very Scary.  Last night when I got home to find her unable to stand up and constantly turning her head to the side, I thought she’d had a stroke and it might all be over.  Earlier she’d thrown up in her bed and couldn’t even get up and walk away.

My children’s first experience of grief was about to begin, or so I thought…  and I’m really not looking forwad to that one.

But the vet cleared it up by diagnosing the above.  Apparently it should improve after three days and completely clear by three weeks.

I hope so, because tonight she still seems as bad as ever. Can’t walk, can’t eat, drink, poo… anything! 

Geeez I hope she’s okay.

So with my dog Emma sick, my workplace constantly in the headlines, study to do that I really don’t want to do and children’s sport and activities every night of the week – my ‘winter‘ riding is already suffering.  I’d better get that trainer fixed or I’ll end up a blimp by June.


3 thoughts on “My poor pup – 9/05/2011

  1. Hi Richard – sorry to hear about your dog – at least she appears to have gotten the help and intervention needed – recovery doesn't happen overnight unfortunately – but look to the positive – it will happen. As for your study – get on with it – treat it like one of your bloody long bike rides – it's a challenge to be met – get it done and then relax 🙂 Best wishes – I assume you're doing PMDP whilst I'm away??

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