Tominated – 1/05/2011

Lucky the Lynskey goes down hill like it’s on rails.  The descent from Ferny Creek today was an absolute scream but if it had required additional physical effort, I don’t think I would have been in a position to provide it!

130ks in the legs and a very tired disposition.  That’s my Sunday!
What really finished us off today was the last climb of The Baw (one Baw coz it’s half the distance but same gradient as Mt. Baw Baw).  We climbed the lot with 100k already in our legs, from the round-a-bout in Belgrave all the way to Fernie Creek. It hurt everyone significantly (except Tom) and you can see it here in Foggy’s face (nearly – in his demeanour anyway!)…
“Foggy deep deep deep into the hurt box”
We were joined by a clean-skin today.  Normally it’s us putting the pain on them but today it was different. Along with every other 6am-er, I was well-and-truly Tominated.
From the outset, Tom Leaper was pushing the pace – along with whichever 6am-er was on the front with him too scared to tell him to ease up!  It made for some pretty hot riding through Lysterfield, Upper Beaconsfield and Pakenham.  Taylo, Lumpy, Rocket and young 14 year old Jonothan from Blackburn did well to stay with the pace.
We kept it nicely together right up to the start of Paternoster Road, Mt. Burnett.
Tom and The Duke started ramping it up and the race was on all the way to Emerald Road.  Shawie, El and I worked our guts out and finally caught the two big fellas about a k from the end.  As we approched them on a downhill, I mumbled to El, “smash past them – come on!”.  So we did, just as we looked up to see another steep pinch in front of us.  Bugger!  We hit that, then Tom and Duke well and truly smashed us back…
Great coffee at busy Emerald Bakery gave us a brief breather then our planned route back through one of Big Horns favourite roads was put to an end by the Puffing Billy run.
We happened to reach Selby Aura Road just as the run leaders were coming through and were lucky enough to jump in behind them on the gravel and cut back through to Belgrave.

Puffing Billy run leaders are in front of us – you can see the next runners in the distance behind.

The Baw finished us off (as if we weren’t pulp already) and the ride back along Burwood Highway was one of the slowest I remember with absolutely stuff-all left in the bank.
Another absolutely brilliant Sunday morning out with the 6am-ers and a wonderful ride led by Big Horn for the first time ever.
Admirable job mate.  Everyone had a ball.

3 thoughts on “Tominated – 1/05/2011

  1. The Giro must be on soon. Dirt roads, vertical walls, legs in the blender. Great read Diesel. Nice of Tom to come out and put the suffer on

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